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Sunday, April 29, 2007

The motorcycle? Not yet-

Well Loc and I recovered the stranded Suzuki on Thursday afternoon and got it safely home. We had borrowed a trailer but didn't need it as the beast cranked up and ran well enough to get home under its own power. It was running very poorly and a spark plug check showed all of them to be carboned up badly and one of them was wet.

So, I took the carburetors off- again. Of course to do that the gas tank and airbox has to be removed first. After a close inspection and a review of the service manual and the GS Resource forum, I decided that new needle and seat assemblies really were in order.

Those aren't cheap! This 500 dollar motorcycle is really getting expensive- those parts were another 120 bucks... Grr! Anyway, its another few days before those parts arrive and then I'll bet the bike is ready to go. At least I shouldn't have any further carburetor problems.

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